Matching cloud costs to need: Using FinOps for more effective cloud governance


Matching cloud costs to need: Using FinOps for more effective cloud governance

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Using FinOps to more effectively govern cloud usage and match cost to need to value can help organizations avoid potentially costly reactions, such as overprovisioning.

Using FinOps to effectively match cloud cost to value

In the rush to support business continuity these days, and to support employees while they work remotely, many organizations have ramped up their cloud usage. However, some may be overprovisioning and using more resources than they actually need—which can result in huge cost overruns. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and guest, David Bernstein, discuss how organizations can use the emerging discipline of FinOps to help them govern cloud usage and more effectively match usage to need to cost to value. Bernstein’s advice is to relentlessly monitor usage, work with vendors to optimize services, and take advantage of both cloud’s automation capabilities and new financial observability tools that have recently come to market.

Cloud is all about agility, and so what you've got to do is you've got to respond quickly to what's going on and you've got to get not too far over your skis.David Bernstein is the managing director of Cloud Strategy Partners. Most recently, has was VP/GM in Cisco’s office of the CTO. His team ran Cisco’s Cloud Lab, was responsible for Cisco’s University, research, and industry activities in Cloud Computing.

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