Corporate Governance HealthCheck


Corporate Governance HealthCheck

How healthy is your corporate governance framework?

The financial crisis has revealed severe shortcomings in corporate governance. When most needed, corporate governance often failed to provide the checks and balances that companies need in order to cultivate sound business decisions.

A roadmap for achieving excellence in corporate governance

Achieving a robust corporate governance framework is key to most organisations. Deloitte’s Corporate Governance HealthCheck assists in the identification of the improvement opportunities to help achieve this goal.

Using Deloitte’s Corporate Governance HealthCheck, we will map your information will assist to improve business decisions, identify any communication gaps, streamline accountability structures and Board alignment, improve Board reporting and assess your risk management processes.

Corporate Governance - Draft Revised EU Guidelines - PDF - 397kb

What are the benefits of the Corporate Governance HealthCheck?

  • an independent check conducted by experienced governance professionals
  • a concise yet informative report identifying strengths and weaknesses across your existing corporate governance framework and practices
  • assistance in making informed business decisions
  • valuable input into action plans to close gaps or achieve better practice
  • a mechanism for raising key corporate governance issues to the Board of Directors
  • a re-useable tool that can be embedded to monitor the health of corporate governance practices over time
  • gives management the necessary details to discuss governance related issues with key stakeholders
Corporate Governance HealthCheck - PDF - 286kb


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