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Secure data powers business performance. So how do you protect your data? Deloitte focuses on establishing effective controls around your organisation’s most sensitive assets and on balancing the need to reduce risk, while enabling productivity, business growth and reaching cost optimisation objectives.

Your challenge

In today’s world, data is your most valuable asset. Organisations strive to become insight-driven and get the most out of their data, so they need to be able to trust their data, but also to protect it..

At the same time hyper-connectivity is creating a new era for cyber infrastructure. Ever more connected devices pose new cyber security challenges for your organisation as the volume of threats to its infrastructure rises. Since 100 percent security unfortunately does not exist, risk-based decision making is key in addressing your cyber challenges. Which assets need to be secured, and for which assets is monitoring and responding quickly enough?

Our solution

Our Cyber Security solutions helps your organisation to invest in security controls and preventive measures, aligning investment with awareness of your key risks.

These are our Cyber Security offerings:

  • Identity & Access Management
    We have established a proven methodology to guide organisations through the full Identity and Access Management program lifecycle: from defining a clear vision and strategy for secure access to information assets with minimal friction for the user, to the actual deployment and operation of IAM platforms and integration with IT platforms.
  • Phishing as a Service
    In 2016, at least 15 percent of the total cyber-attacks involved phishing which is the first step in the chain of attack. Are you prepared to respond? What can you do to improve your phishing resilience?
  • SWIFT Customer Security Programme
    Banking information is some of the most important to keep safe. That's why recent high-profile cyber-attacks on customers using Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) are so significant. Deloitte can help business leaders navigate the factors associated with implementing SWIFT's Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), as well as address SWIFT dependencies.
  • Infrastructure Protection
    We have developed a set of services that comprehensively address cybersecurity challenges in the architecture, deployment and maintenance of traditional and new infrastructure and technologies such as the Internet of Things and Cloud.
  • Application Protection 
    Our software security specialists can assist you to assess thoroughly the protection level of applications. We can help you with secure design, development and configuration of applications; for example on how to integrate security with a DevOps way of working, how to implement a Secure Software Development Life Cycle or how to use automated tooling to improve the quality of your software.
  • Information Privacy and Protection 
    We can help your organisation to navigate privacy risk and assess the current state of their GDPR compliance. We provide technology-enabled services and controls, we can assess and build a contractual, regulatory and operational framework for international data transfers and offer tailored GDPR awareness and training.

Why Deloitte?

In our multidisciplinary teams we combine deep technological knowledge about the latest cyber threats (i.e. Phishing as a Service) and how to manage them (i.e. Infrastructure and Operations Security), with high-end strategical skills. This means that we can offer end-to-end services; we can advise, implement and manage all of your cyber related challenges.

With our global experience in many different industries we can build a cyber risk program that is perfectly in line with your specific strategic objectives.

A global network of Cyber Intelligence Centers

As cyber threats evolve and become more complex, many business leaders recognize they can’t manage the challenge alone. That’s why Deloitte offers a global network of Cyber Intelligence Centers (CICs), operating around the clock, 365 days of the year. Our CICs provide fully customisable managed security solutions including advanced security event monitoring, threat analytics, cyber threat management, and incident response for businesses in the region to meet the increasing market demand in cybersecurity services.

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


Stéphane Hurtaud

Stéphane Hurtaud

Partner | Cyber Risk Leader

Stéphane is a partner within our Risk Advisory practice. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT risk, Information Security and IT audit fields, with a strong focus on the financial services indu... More

Maxime Verac

Maxime Verac

Director | Cyber Risk

Maxime joined Deloitte in 2012, and currently serves as Director in Risk Advisory. Maxime has extensive experience in Cyber Security – especially in the Financial Services Industry and for Government ... More

Yasser Aboukir

Yasser Aboukir

Director | Cyber Risk

Yasser joined Deloitte in 2015, and currently serves as Director in Risk Advisory, specialized in Cyber Risk. Since 2011, Yasser built an extensive experience in security assessments, incident respons... More