Quantitative Finance Master Classes


Quantitative Finance Master Classes

Moving towards a Deloitte Quantitative Center of Excellence

The Deloitte Quantitative Master Classes are designed for in-depth training dedicated to practitioners: the world of quantitative finance applied to the real day-to-day world. The classes are addressing practical cases of implementation of real life problems. Check out the list of our upcoming sessions and the topics we will discuss.

Quantitative Finance Master Classes 2020

Please click on the title to have more information on each of the Quantitative Finance Master Classes.

If you have any questions or would like to propose a new topic for a future session, feel free to reach us at screpin@deloitte.lu or fdekeyn@deloitte.lu

If you wish to register, please contact our Events department at luevents@deloitte.lu

1. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Risk Management for AIFs (1.800€) - CANCELLED
8 October 2020

2. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Excel for Quantitative Finance (Risk, Valuation, Performance) (1.200€)
12 November 2020

3. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Fund Performance Oversight (1.200€)
10 December 2020

4. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Stress Testing for Investment Funds (1.500€)
25 February 2021

5. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Close view on Market Value at Risk (1.200€)
11 March 2021

6. Quantitative Finance Master Classes - Financial Modelling in Derivative Instruments Valuation (1.200€)
10 June 2021

Quantitative Finance Master Classes 2020

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Paul, Responsible for the Risk Management Function:
I found the Deloitte Master Classes very useful, bridging the gap between theory and reality on the ground over two engaging sessions. The practical exercises were the most rewarding aspect for me, with guidance and answers to questions available on the spot. This is high-level knowledge you can use. 


Liliane, Managing Director:
Deloitte's Quant Master Class is not a purely theoretical training at all, but each Master Class includes a "practical" part, this aspect of the training gives participants the opportunity to acquire much more knowledge than standard training.


François, Head of risk: 
Each Deloitte Master Class includes a practical part that allows everyone, regardless of their academic background, to "fix" an often complex theoretical content.
The level of mastery of the speakers is no longer to be proven and their ability to popularize a sophisticated subject is impressive.
At the end of the day, the participant is really able to bring real added value in his developments/projects to be realized. 

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy adopted is segregating across different classes (as above) and propose two types of discount:

  • Early bird
    Condition – Booking completed at least 3 weeks before the class
    Discount – 20% on the class fee
  • Bundle
    Condition – Book 2 classes or more before 20 March 2020
    Discount - get an additional 20 percent discount from the second class onward (cumulative with early bird). This discount is valid at corporate level (one or more attendees from the same company can benefit from the discount)


Sylvain Crépin, FRM

Sylvain Crépin, FRM

Partner | Capital Markets/Financial Risk

Sylvain Crepin joined Deloitte Luxembourg in January 2012 and is Partner in the Financial Risk Management department. He is specialised in risk management advisory and solutions for the investment fun... More

Fabian De Keyn, CQF

Fabian De Keyn, CQF

Director | Capital Markets – Financial Risks

Fabian joined Deloitte in February 2014 and is Director in the Capital Markets Department. He is specialised in Regulatory Reporting, OTC Valuations, Risk management advisory and solutions for the ban... More

Gildas Blanchard

Gildas Blanchard

Senior Manager | Capital Markets / Financial Risks

Gildas Blanchard joined Deloitte in September 2014 and is Senior Manager within Deloitte’s Capital Market Risk Management Department in Luxembourg. He has specialized in Risk Management advisory and q... More