Incident Response & Forensics


Incident Response & Forensics

Defend against and limit the impact of a cyber attack

When a breach happens knowing what to do and how is vital for ensuring important information is not destroyed and that the forensic investigation process adheres to standard police principles for maintaining continuity of evidence.

The process of investigating a sophisticated cyber breach can be incredibly difficult. As the frequency of cyber attacks and potential breaches increases, organisations will need to adapt and enhance their forensic investigation capabilities to ensure they have fast access to experienced, skilled people in order to investigate cyber incidents quickly, effectively, and in line with the required legal processes.

How Deloitte can help?

Deloitte can assist organisations to be prepared before an attack, to develop early detection capabilities and respond effectively should an attack happen:

  • Readiness – Can assist organisations for developing logging and alerting capabilities as well as procedures for first response incident handling
  • Response – Should an incident occur, Deloitte can support an investigation into the breach

Deloitte proposition overview

  • Incident Response & Computer Forensics – Manage crises proactively and trace the root of a breach through computer forensics (including malware analysis)
  • Managed Security Services & SIEM solutions – Complete set of services starting with log management assessment, risk assessment and strategy development, selecting Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool and /or Managed Security Services (MSS) solution

Our approach & methodology

Our approach to Cyber Incident Response blends deep technical skills, crisis management expertise and business intelligence to deliver a complete service, when and where organisations need it most.

We also rely on standard Forensic Techniques as well as leading-edge forensic analysis software and Forensic Toolkit.


Roland Bastin

Roland Bastin

Partner | Risk Advisory

Roland is a partner within the advisory and consulting department and joined the Risk Advisory practice of Deloitte in 2001. He is responsible for IT audit, IT security, IT regulatory compliance, Data... More

Stéphane Hurtaud

Stéphane Hurtaud

Partner | Cyber Security Leader

Stéphane is a partner within our Risk Advisory practice. He has over 21 years of experience in the IT risk, Information Security and IT audit fields, with a strong focus on the financial services indu... More

Maxime Verac

Maxime Verac

Director | Information & Technology Risk

Maxime Verac is a Director within Deloitte’s Information & Technology Risk services in Luxembourg. He has 12 years of experience in Information Security. During the last 12 years, as a consultant, he ... More