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Data Agent Services for company wind-downs

Winding down a company is a legally complex task

Most businesses don’t enter a market with plans to exit. But it’s not unusual for it to become a reality. A company wind-down, borne from strategy realignment or other factors, can be a hard decision. You will require support during the initial phases of the closure and for many years thereafter.

Winding down any company is a complex task, even more so when you’re exiting the financial market. You must uphold legal compliance, and the required infrastructure and human resources can be costly, challenging and time consuming – for at least 10 years.

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To be compliant you must:

  • Retain all business, supplier, client and employee-related data and records
  • Have expert personnel on staff to respond to specific requests for information
  • Maintain a complex IT infrastructure that could be vulnerable to security breaches
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations, e.g. GDPR

But these aren’t hurdles you need to manage alone; there is an alternative.


Roland Bastin

Roland Bastin

Partner | Risk Advisory & Forensic

Roland is a partner within the advisory and consulting department and joined the Risk Advisory practice of Deloitte in 2001. He is responsible for IT audit, IT security, IT regulatory compliance, Data... More

Pascal Eber

Pascal Eber

Partner | Consulting–Banking, Insurance & Non-FSI

Pascal is a partner within the advisory and consulting department and has over 17 years of banking experience (front, middle, back-offices and IT) combined with his knowledge of consulting methodologi... More

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