Restructuring services


Restructuring services

Deloitte provides investigation, restructuring, turnaround and insolvency advice and services to underperforming and financially distressed companies, including investments funds and management companies, their stakeholders and advisors.

We use our expertise to identify the causes of the difficulties, work collaboratively to identify the best strategy for business recovery and then develop an optimal financial and/or operational restructuring solution.

We will then support the implementation of the optimal solution through a solvent or insolvent route. 

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Restructuring of distressed funds

Our restructuring team can draw on individuals with considerable industry experience and with broad and varied backgrounds to work with funds to help manage distressed funds and other troubled aspects of portfolios. We regularly advise on a wide range of issues facing the industry in addition to acting in formal capacities.

Assisting with the creation of alternative structures to deal with adverse liquidity conditions including the implementation of lock-ups or the use of side-pocket structures to isolate distressed assets.

  • Advising in relation to the use of gates, suspension of redemptions and/or of NAV calculations;
  • Formulating workouts and informal restructurings;
  • Assistance with the downsizing of portfolios;
  • Advising on appropriate liquidation strategies to preserve/maximise investor value;
  • Project managing and implementing the solvent wind down of funds, across multiple jurisdictions;
  • Conducting due diligence on distressed debt portfolios, especially bank divestures;
  • Acting in formal capacities e.g. Liquidators, Trustees;
  • Assisting with the identification of opportunities for investment in distressed companies;
  • Working with underperforming portfolio companies by undertaking business reviews or outlining exit strategies;
  • Undertaking operation and performance reviews. 
Restructuring of distressed funds

Wind down and closure support (or exit strategy)

We provide advice services on strategies when a subfund, fund or management company is to be wound down and closed. We work co-operatively with management and other stakeholders to evaluate the closure of underperforming activities. We can review the closure options, devise a withdrawal strategy and plan and manage the implementation.

Our services provide an efficient strategy that does not jeopardise reputation or stakeholder relationships, and at the same time allows management to focus on their portfolio management.

We provide a comprehensive solution which:

  • Minimises risk;
  • Injects pace;
  • Optimises management focus;
  • Provides easy access to specialists;
  • Brings an objective perspective;
  • Maximises residual value.

The team provides a strong blend of practical, commercial, operational and financial skills as well as offering full project management and implementation of our plans. We liaise with the firm's specialists in functional areas as required. 

Wind down and closure support (or exit strategy)


Michael JJ Martin

Michael JJ Martin

Partner | Forensic & AML, Restructuring

Michael is a partner within the advisory & consulting department and leads the forensic and restructuring practice. Michael has specialised in investigating and preventing money laundering and fraud. ... More

Pierre Masset

Pierre Masset

Partner | Corporate Finance Leader

Pierre is the Lead Partner for Corporate Finance within Deloitte Luxembourg since June 2011. Deloitte’s Corporate Finance handles valuation, due diligence, M&A and restructuring mandates. Prior to joi... More