Risk Advisory services for Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS)


Risk Advisory - Business Risk services for Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS)

The ideal solutions to assess and protect your organization as well as your customers, enhance your corporate governance and internal control environment and develop your business

Our Risk Advisory services help clients manage risk and uncertainty from the boardroom to the network.

We have established a multi-disciplinary industry group for Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) in order to offer our clients qualified industry professionals and tailored solutions.

Within this Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) group, we provide an array of services that can help you to better measure and manage governance, risk and control:

  • Corporate Governance Services
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Third Party Assurance (TPA) Services
  • Risk Management & Quality Services

Corporate Governance Services

Over the last decade, Board and Management responsibilities have increased due to the need to continue to oversee management of growing, complex, global institutions amid challenging business conditions and rising stakeholder expectations.

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte service offerings for Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) to the Corporate Governance framework is fully flexible and can be tailor made to your needs with a comprehensive approach.

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Internal Audit Services

Internal audit has become a key strategic tool that provides an objective view of how your strategy is applied. The insights that it provides can be key in the realization of your objectives.

Deloitte Luxembourg’s expertise

Deloitte is recognized as a leader in internal audit services in Luxembourg. We have developed an extensive expertise in a wide range of Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) industries through years of experience.

To discover in more detail how organizations can establish and improve their internal audit functions, visit our internal audit page for Commerce, Industry and the Public Sector in Luxembourg.


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Third Party Assurance (TPA) Services

The organizations providing third party services are constantly challenged by their actual and prospective customers to provide assurance on their risk management and internal control environment.

One of the most effective ways to respond to this challenge is through a Third Party Assurance (TPA) report.

How Deloitte can help ?

Deloitte offers a wide range of Third Party Assurance reporting services to meet the specific needs of Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) industries, such as: ISAE 3402, ISAE 3000, SOC 2, etc.

We also propose other services that can be combined with Third Party Assurance reporting, such as: ISO 27001 ISMS Gap Assessment.

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Risk Management & Quality Services

In an increasingly complex, volatile and ambiguous world, organizations of Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) industries need to constantly adapt to changes arising in their environment.

Internal risks are likely to impact business externally, leading to image or reputation risks for example.

How Deloitte can help ?

Deloitte helps organizations assess and evolve the values, beliefs, tone, conduct, and understanding of risk culture to align with their strategy and business practices in Commerce, Industry & Public Sector (CIPS) industries.

We can assist with all four steps of risk management, providing the following advantages for your organization: identification, treatment, assessment, and monitoring and review of benefits.

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Jérôme Sosnowski

Jérôme Sosnowski

Partner | Risk Advisory

Jérôme started his career at Deloitte Luxembourg in 1998 as external auditor and joined the Entreprise Risk Services practice in 2000 covering the financial service industry. He left Deloitte in 2002 ... More

Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Public Sector & Healthcare Leader

Luc has over 20 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the commercial, industrial and public sector. Luc is part of the Deloitte’s multidisciplinary service line dedicated to com... More

Laurent Berliner

Laurent Berliner

Partner | EMEA FSI Risk Advisory Leader

Beside his service responsibilities for many of our clients, Laurent leads the international relations of our Luxembourg firm to sustain our international development from a client, service, talent an... More

Mathieu Brizard

Mathieu Brizard

Director | Risk Advisory

Mathieu joined Deloitte in 2014, and currently serves as Director in Risk Advisory for the Commercial, Industrial & Public sectors. Mathieu leads activities to promote Risk Advisory services to the Co... More

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