Risk Advisory


Risk Advisory

Our Risk Advisory services help clients manage risk and uncertainty from the boardroom to the network. We provide an array of services that can help you to better measure and manage risk and control, and to enhance the reliability of systems and processes throughout the enterprise.

We help our clients around the world at all levels of the organisation to anticipate, understand, and address a broad spectrum of strategic and operational risk. A deep understanding of risk across this spectrum is essential as all risks and related actions are connected.

Basel III - Risk and Capital Management for Institutions

Our comprehensive and proven CRD IV approach improves risk management practice performance and efficiency while setting up or refining our clients’ risk management framework to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients, providing the right support commensurate to their needs.

Our Luxembourg based risk management professionals are recognised experts in the market place and within Deloitte global network. They will provide you with the knowledge, technology and outstanding experience they have gained on numerous Basel III projects with leading financial institutions here in Luxembourg and  in other European countries and even beyond the European borders.

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Cyber Security services

Our flexible, pragmatic and independent approach to managing cyber security means that we work with organisations to address constantly changing threats. We ensure that our clients can continue to take advantage of the benefits of digital business without worrying about the potential pitfalls. While every organisation’s needs are different – and we tailor our approach accordingly – Deloitte offers a range of services that cover cyber security:

  • Cyber security and security operations
  • Computer forensics and e-discovery
  • Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security awareness
  • Security information and event management

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Governance and Risk Management

By choosing Deloitte to support you, you will receive tailor-made guidance and support from true risk management experts with deep experience in your specific industry to:

  • Gain a broader risk perspective and improve governance and management of risks facing your company ;
  • Improve your ability to prevent, quickly detect and escalate critical risk issues;
  • Reduce burden on business operations by standardising risk management principles, languages and approaches;
  • Reduce cost of risk management by improved sharing of risk information and integration of existing risk management activities;
  • Provide a «comfort level» to the board and the other stakeholders that the full range of risks is understood and managed effectively;
  • Improve decision-making by taking more risk-informed

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Internal audit

Our comprehensive risk-based and process-driven approach improves internal audit performance and efficiency while adding true value to the organisation. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients, providing the full range of services, such as helping to set up an effective and strategically positioned internal audit function, enhancing existing departments, providing specialised resources or outsourcing their entire internal audit function.

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Internal audit

ISAE 3402 / SOC 1 examinations

ISAE 3402/SOC 1 reporting, in coordination with your internal control assessment activities, can help:

  • Identify your company’s most business-critical, process-based relationships
  • Pinpoint existing internal and outsourcing organization gaps in processes and controls that may increase risk

Enhance existing activities with a more encompassing framework for internal controls - one that achieves compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley financial reporting control requirements and helps improve internal risk management and business partner performance.

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ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16 examinations


Laurent Berliner

Laurent Berliner

Partner | EMEA FSI Risk Advisory Leader

Laurent Berliner is our Risk Advisory Leader for Luxembourg and for the Financial Services Industry for the EMEA region. Laurent is also a member of Deloitte Global Financial Services Industry Risk Ad... More