payment transformation journey


Embarking on the payment transformation journey

Instant payments

Executive summary

“A race against time”—We live in a time-constrained world where we expect services at our fingertips. Our lives are dominated by organizations providing us with the convenience of instant messaging, online books 24/7, “pay-per-view” movie streaming, real-time holiday reservations, online shopping experiences, and the list goes on. Although payment is an intrinsic part of every transaction, it has not been able to keep pace with the digital revolution in the social and commercial space.

The service providers of the future expect instant access and reuse of funds for services rendered, even during non-business hours. As a result, instant payments is likely to be a new standard, touching every aspect of modern consumer lifestyle 24/7.

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Inside Magazine issue 18, June 2018

Inside is Deloitte’s quarterly magazine offering an exclusive insight into best practices, trends and opportunities faced by our clients across all industries.

Inside focuses on the main hot topics relevant for the market (Asset management, Banking, Insurance, Public sector, Healthcare, Private equity, Real estate, TMT, Manufacturing and consumer business, Transport and logistics).

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