21st century resilience


21st century resilience

Getting it and keeping it

In the summer of 2015, nearly simultaneous “computer glitches” at three prominent enterprises caused many to wonder if there was a connection, and if perhaps some orchestrated attack was underway; even a government agency took an interest.

Executive Summary

But a thorough search for the root causes revealed that each incident was entirely separate and distinct, originating in internally flawed systems. Even though there was no “grand design,” each failure cost the respective companies millions of dollars. They also served as startling examples of the vulnerability of major systems, and of just how common such disruptions have become.

In recent history, garden-variety human error and a malfunctioning relay were blamed for a partial power outage and a “rare electronics failure” at two national sporting events. Again, there was nothing sinister; just proof that when things can go wrong, they will go wrong.

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