Customer & market strategy


Customer & market strategy

Driving your business forward

Deloitte’s Customer & Market Strategy Practice can assist your company, whatever its size, to effectively initiate, grow and maintain profitable relationships with your customers. Deloitte can address the broad range of business strategy, customer service, marketing and sales issues you are facing.

Aligning marketing and business strategy to reach your goal

Modern companies are facing greater exposure to global competition, as well as increased expectations from shareholders and customers who are more discerning, better informed and harder to reach. Now more than ever, there is an emphasis placed on the true effectiveness of management teams and their ability to grow the business.

Achieving this growth is possible only by linking marketing and business strategy. When facing issues with customers, products or competition, or when experiencing pressures on sales, prices or margins, search for top-down, strategic solutions. Strategy is where it all begins.

This is why Deloitte prefers an approach that takes into account the entire company lifecycle:

  • Corporate Strategy: Establish your company's identity
  • Market Analysis: Evaluate your strengths and identify your business growth opportunities
  • Market strategy: Define your overall market approach and action plan
  • Go-to-market: Implement your action plan aligned with your positioning
  • Post go-to-market: Evaluate your processes and adapt your strategy to optimise results  

A wide range of sales and marketing services

We have grouped our Customer & Market Strategy services into seven core value-added offerings:

  • Market Strategy: Developing business through strategy analysis and formulation with regard to market dynamics, market attractiveness, competition analysis, product portfolio optimisation, brand management and positioning, segmentation, customer care and loyalty
  • Pricing Strategy: Increasing profitability by improving the way organisations set, execute and enforce prices in respect to competition and customer demands, including governance, benchmarking, price sensitivity/willingness to pay
  • Distribution and sales strategy: Developing more effective go-to-market models and determining the right mix of channels to reach target customers, by focusing on multi-channel integration, customer experience management and sales network management supported by effective marketing approach
  • Web and social media: Seizing the opportunities offered by the emerging technologies and optimising their use to execute the business strategy of organisations, with a focus on the web ecosystem, Web 2.0, social media and mobile (strategy, implementation, organisation and processes, best practices
  • Market studies and analytics: Supporting the realisation of strategic, sales and marketing objectives through the design, organisation and analysis of ad-hoc market researches or the development of analytical capabilities based on in-house customer data
  • Marketing and sales effectiveness: Improving the performance of marketing and sales organisations and the marketing ROI by reengineering the marketing and sales organisation (processes, people and technology), setting performance metrics (KPIs and dashboards), assessing and optimising costs and budgets or designing a marketing automation program
  • Marketing coaching and training: Sharing our experience and expertise by reviewing and advising on analyses, strategies and plans already developed by our clients (think tank) and developing strategic, operational or organisational skills at clients by delivering formal one-to-one or class room training sessions on the above topics 
A wide range of sales and marketing services


Petra Hazenberg

Petra Hazenberg

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Basil Sommerfeld

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