Kaleidoscope | Regulatory Watch solution


Kaleidoscope - Regulatory watch solution

Be ahead of your challenges

Business environment turbulence, new risk exposures, demands for greater corporate governance, combined with an unprecedented rhythm of regulatory developments, require financial institutions to relentlessly look for new ways to carry out operations and manage risks.

Regulatory Watch is now a key activity, enabling Board of Directors and Executives to anticipate their challenges and opportunities.

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • How to keep up with an ever-evolving and accelerating regulatory environment while effectively managing compliance costs?
  • How to better and more timely be informed of new regulations that will significantly impact our business?
  • Could our Compliance resources be used more effectively for the execution of our business?
  • How to shift our fixed regulatory watch costs to a variable cost structure?
  • Could we partner with a leader in regulatory consulting services to:
    • filter information and timely capture the regulatory evolutions relevant to our organisation?
    • assist us in analysing and understanding the practical implications of new regulations for our specific business?
    • steer our regulatory readiness projects to catch opportunities and improve our operating model?

Understanding the impact of regulatory changes for your specific activity

Keeping up with regulatory changes is a complex task, in most cases a task handled by Compliance teams. Throughout many organisations, Regulatory Watch, as well as Compliance functions are often wrongly perceived as a silo-driven control function rather than a solution-oriented stakeholder.

The bar is higher now
Evolving notions of corporate responsibility and reputational risk, combined with regulations that are increasingly evolving are a continued area of focus. Businesses need to be very innovative, always looking for new ways to carry out operations, new avenues for revenue, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures in emerging markets.

In a global environment, staying ahead of regulatory changes is a challenging task, and finding efficient ways to turn business challenges into competitive advantage from a business and strategic point of view is essential.

We can assist you with an array of services

Web based repository
Compiling public and private information, i.e. regulatory topics, heatmaps, alerts, dashboard for each topic in scope

Selected alerts and analysis
After any regulatory event relevant to your business, Deloitte produces a synthetic or detailed alert with key impacts analysis at function/department/country level.

Single point of contact with Deloitte
Periodical meetings Q&A repository

Regulatory Dashboard
After any regulatory event relevant to your business, Deloitte compiles information in the dashboard: business scope, geographical scope, deadline, status, etc.

Privileged access to regulatory experts and services on all Financial Services Industry hot topics
Preferential access to Deloitte subject matter expert resources as well as advisory and consulting services (timing and rates)

Heatmaps for Board of Directors meetings
Business risks are summarised in maps based on the timing and importance of regulatory impacts


Jean-Philippe Peters

Jean-Philippe Peters

Partner | Risk Advisory Leader

Jean-Philippe is a partner within the advisory and consulting department. Over the last 15 years, he has specialised in risk management for financial institutions, with a focus on regulatory capital r... More

Simon Ramos

Simon Ramos

Partner | IM Advisory & Consulting Leader

Simon is a partner within the Luxembourg advisory and consulting practice and has more than 20 years’ experience in the investment management industry. He delivers client solutions across the entire i... More

Benoit Sauvage

Benoit Sauvage

Director | RegWatch, Risk Advisory

Member of the RegWatch Team, development of a regulatory watch offer and service. Expertise linked to EU affairs, with focus on Financial Market and product regulations: MIFID, PRIIPS, MAR, CSD-R, EMI... More