Corporate social responsibility

At Deloitte, we care

To us, sustainability means reducing the social and environmental impacts of our business activities to be consistent with development on a planet with finite resources.

Through our corporate strategy, led by our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, we show continuous improvement in our environmental and social actions. Our motto: at Deloitte, we care.

We care about our People

We know that the best investment one can make is in a human being. We offer our people the right deployment opportunities, targeted training and critical one-to-one mentorship, while ensuring that their essential work-life balance is preserved, notably through an extensive programme aimed at supporting their safety and health.

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We care about our Planet

We only have one Earth. Deloitte Luxembourg shoulders its environmental responsibility: we explore ways of reducing our environmental footprint, by lowering our material consumption, through our green mobility programme, but above all by promoting environmentally friendly behaviour.

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We care about our Society

Our organisation has a positive influence on its environment. Deloitte Luxembourg commits to extra-professional actions and initiatives: we encourage our employees to provide NGOs with their competencies and skills through our ‘give and share’ platform and during our Impact Days; we also give a bit of ourselves back to the Luxembourg community through our blood donation days and by participating in charity events.

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Achieving excellence in the way we care

The awards Deloitte has received highlight both the quality and the relevance of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Furthermore, they show that corporate social responsibility is a common responsibility. A single person can make a difference, so just imagine what 1700 can achieve!

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