Measuring and reducing your carbon footprint

Climate change and changes to economic models

Climate change already affects all companies. Companies consume energy that is increasingly expensive, and must manage new restrictions on carbon emissions linked to energy consumption that are having, and will continue to have, a significant financial impact in the years to come.

The proactive skills and efficiency that companies show when managing their carbon footprint and the challenges of climate change will allow them to stand out from the competition.

How can Deloitte help you?

Deloitte will work with you to build a genuine carbon strategy, with the aim of increasing your competitive advantage. By doing so, Deloitte teams can help you to:

  • Determine your carbon footprint
    Deloitte will guide and support you in order to assess your carbon footprint according to the Bilan Carbone® methodology.
  • Analyse your carbon exposure
    Deloitte will analyse your organisation’s sensitivity to the changing price of fossil fuels.

Propose an emission reduction plan
Once the Bilan Carbone® assessment is complete, Deloitte’s teams will offer you an in-depth plan for reducing your carbon footprint, and will calculate the estimated cost and expected benefits of the various actions suggested.

Measuring and reducing your carbon footprint

The Deloitte approach

The Deloitte approach is based on the Bilan Carbone® method, which has the major advantage of taking account of all emissions produced directly or indirectly by your organisation.

The Bilan Carbone® method is designed for all types of organisation and is compatible with other standards, such as the ISO 14064 standard and the GHG Protocol.

Deloitte services

Thanks to its flexible and structured approach, Deloitte can offer to:

  •  Define your Bilan Carbone®
  •  Analyse your organisation’s sensitivity to price changes in fossil fuels
  •  Optimise your carbon footprint
  •  Train your employees in best practices
  •  Support your teams in the implementation of the improvement plan

The Deloitte difference

By choosing Deloitte, you will benefit from:

  • Support from professionals who have in-depth experience and expertise in your area of business, and who can provide practical advice adapted to your specific sector-based characteristics.
  • Appropriate technologies and methodologies: Deloitte’s experts are empowered to use the Bilan Carbone® methodology and tools in order to analyse your organisation effectively. Deloitte allows you to benefit from the latest version of the Bilan Carbone® tool and the most recent updates published by ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management).

A rigorous, independent approach: the Deloitte approach is justified by the fact that its analysis remains based on objective criteria that provide an impartial assessment.

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