Shaping the future of investment strategy


Shaping the future of investment strategy

An overview of the Sustainable Finance Conference

Executive summary

While the positioning of decision-makers on climate-related issues and the transition towards a more responsible society took a significant step forward in 2015, it was 2018 that saw the start of a new wave of action driven by citizens. The visible effects of climate change are supported by a number of reports demonstrating both the initial consequences for humankind and biodiversity, and highlighting the urgent need to take action. In this respect, the younger generation initiated a movement throughout Europe a few months ago, demanding a stronger position from political leaders and calling for concrete plans.

Avoiding the irreversible impacts and succeeding in our society’s transition to a low carbon society will require each and every one of us to become aware of the issues at hand, both individually and as part of the economy.

Following the success of the last Sustainable Finance event held in Luxembourg in February 2019, the Deloitte Sustainability team is pleased to share with you a dedicated document reflecting what was discussed at the Sustainable Finance Conference on Thursday 28 February 2019. From raising awareness to understanding why to act and how to start, we invite you to discover more about sustainable finance challenges and opportunities ahead.

Key takeaways

Many threats and opportunities related to sustainable finance were discussed throughout the conference. The key message of the conference was clear: it is time to act NOW.

The financial industry plays an important role in tackling climate change issues and in the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible society. Integrating ESG and considering positive impact will become inevitable in the investment decision process and various investment strategies in the years to come; now it is up to you to identify the opportunities and contribute to positive change.

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