An update on sustainability disclosure


An update on sustainability disclosure

Did the investment industry pass the SFDR intermediary disclosure test?

10 March 2021 marked the first milestone of EU Regulation 2019/2088, also known as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The SFDR aims to increase the transparency of non-financial information disclosed by financial market participants (FMPs) and financial advisers (FAs) to limit greenwashing and make it easier for investors to assess and compare sustainable and responsible investment strategies and products.

Executive Summary

Over the past few months, Deloitte has helped various clients implement the SFDR and was involved in many discussions with FMPs, FAs and industry associations. To gain a holistic view of current practices and to take the temperature of the market’s reaction to this regulation, Deloitte also conducted a benchmarking analysis and survey of the main market players entitled “Implementing the SFDR: Your views, approaches and perceived challenges”

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Performance magazine issue 35, May 2021

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