We care about our People

Mens sana in corpore sano

At Deloitte Luxembourg, we provide our employees with a range of tools and services to help preserve their work-life balance.

WoMen Initiative (WIN)

Ensuring equality in the workplace and developing solutions to guarantee a satisfactory fit between the multiple roles in a person’s life (personal and professional) for all our staff.
The Woman Initiative has been one of the key actors in achieving the “Actions Positives” accreditation, delivered by the Luxemburgish Ministère de l’Egalité des Chances to Deloitte Luxembourg in 2010. 

Other Initiatives

Health Days
Training sessions, delivered by doctors and health professionals, on how to preserve one’s health are provided to all employees.

Seven sports clubs are open to all employees and offer weekly sport sessions. Plus a fitness centre with long opening hours is located within the Deloitte building.

A conciergerie in the Deloitte building offers a wide array of services making employees’ day-to-day lives that little bit easier.

Employees can benefit from healthy and diverse catering services and facilities.

Medical concerns
Deloitte also offers its employees an array of medical solutions. 

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