Green Technology

Our services in the area of renewable energy

The dilemma: on one hand, we should conserve energy wherever possible, on the other, ongoing growth in the world's population and rising prosperity are driving increased demand for energy. What we must now do is produce the energy needed in a way that is most compatible with our environment and therefore for mankind now and in the future.

The sustainable use of renewable energy is a key requirement. Companies that are active in this area make an important contribution to the future viability of our planet.

The rapid development of these markets and the need to capture resulting opportunities represent an enormous challenge to companies in this industry. We want to work with you to surmount these challenges.

Deloitte has established a service unit in the international financial centre of Luxembourg that deals specifically with the needs of this industry of the future. This unit makes use of our extensive experience to provide you with services befitting the innovation of this industry.

As a global leader in the provision of auditing, tax and consulting services with a worldwide network of specialists in the field of renewable energy, we are able to provide you with services tailored to your needs.

You will soon discover that Luxembourg's excellent legal and tax environment makes it the ideal place for you to do first-class business in the renewable energy sector.


Jan van Delden

Jan van Delden

Partner | Audit & Assurance

Jan is a partner within the audit department with over 20 years’ experience. He has specialised in the audit of investments fund and real estate structures. He is part of the investment fund and real ... More