Sustainable real estate


Sustainable real estate

Responsible property investment

Deloitte offers a full range of sustainable property and real estate sustainability services including building carbon management, sustainable strategy and energy reduction services.

Your challenge

The evolution of the EU and local regulatory environment creates major challenges for the real estate industry and has changed the context for real estate investment decision-making. Governments are introducing ever more stringent regulations and fiscal policies to tackle the carbon and environmental performance of new and existing buildings, as well as the businesses that occupy them.

An increasing number of occupiers, especially those with the strongest covenants, are working towards developing measurable carbon reduction and non-financial performance targets, many of which engage in robust public disclosure of performance, which stands to impact on leasing decisions where it isn’t doing so already.

Sustainability issues apply at each stage of the real estate investment and management process. This requires an integrated response which encompasses investment decision-making, asset management and development, stakeholder and tenant engagement, and measurement and reporting.

The general trajectory of rapidly rising utility costs, volatility in the commodity markets, and an increasing propensity for governments to ‘tax’ carbon emissions, introduces an increasingly compelling direct financial driver for greater resource efficiency within commercial property.

The prospect of detrimental impacts on building performance resulting from climate change is leading to an intensification of depreciation risk. 

Our solution

We can assist you to:

  • Assess the environmental and energy efficiency of your buildings or real estate portfolio
  • Perform sustainability-related risk assessments to identify emerging sources of risk that could impact upon your expectations of investment returns
  • Provide locale-specific tools and advice to support the effective implementation of sustainability strategies for your operations globally
  • Create plans for tracking environmental, social and governance KPIs to measure performance, support decisions and demonstrate impact on investment returns
  • Obtain environmental certification of development and refurbishment projects, such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE…
  • Assess compliance with environmental laws, regulations and expectations impacting financial or non-financial performance
  • Develop a sustainability strategy that considers sources of risk and opportunity, including investor or shareholder expectations
  • Conduct external assurance of sustainability reports
  • Identify and understand industry benchmarks and conduct gap analyses using our understanding of leading industry practices
  • Assess the effectiveness and visibility of sustainability activities
Our solution


Laurent Berliner

Laurent Berliner

Partner | EMEA FSI Risk Advisory Leader

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Lize Griffiths

Lize Griffiths

Partner | Real Estate Leader

Lize is a partner within our audit department and has over 15 years of experience as an auditor, mainly in real estate (regulated and unregulated direct real estate funds and property companies), priv... More

Nicolas Hennebert

Nicolas Hennebert

Partner | Sustainability Leader, Audit

Nicolas is a partner within the audit department and has more than 17 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, counselling and auditing large asset management firms as well as smaller b... More