Global tax resources


Global tax resources

Access the links below to view tax resources that supplement the global tax alerts and newsletters prepared by Deloitte professionals around the world.

Luxembourg Tax resources

Here are a few of our most recent publications on Tax issues for Luxembourg

Deloitte CFO survey 2014 - How are organisations fine tuning their key activities?
The 2014 Deloitte survey focuses on the implementation and use by companies of dashboards and performance indicators as strategic tools.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a shared future together
Business Process Outsourcing is like getting married – two parties decide to start a shared future together.

Pocket Tax guide 2017 - Luxembourg
Main Luxembourg taxes rates and details in a short pocket guide.

Corporate Tax pocket guide 2017 - Instant access to the Luxembourg tax legislation
Our corporate tax guide is designed to inform you on the main company taxes in respect of the Luxembourg tax legislation.

Implementation by Luxembourg of the standards for the transparency and the exchange of information
In the current international context, Luxembourg paves the way to implement standards for the transparency and the exchange of information for tax purposes.

Performance managzine issue 14
This 14th edition of Performance catalogues how institutional investors are once again pushing those borders as they more fully embrace alternative investments.

Luxembourg - The gateway to expanding your European business
Just over a century ago, the Grand Duchy metamorphosed from an unknown rural spot into a unique gateway providing access to the European market and its 500 million potential consumers. 

Luxembourg Tax resources