Guide to the Luxembourg Corporate Tax Return


Guide to the Luxembourg Corporate Tax Return

Our A-Z manual is now even more comprehensive

Our tax compliance team has updated its original Guide to the Luxembourg Corporate Tax Return, a comprehensive step-by-step guide that shows you how to prepare and electronically file corporate tax returns in Luxembourg, a legal obligation for Luxembourg corporate entities.

It has over 200 new pages that address recent changes in legislation, such as DAC6, interest limitation, CFC or hybrid mismatch rules – making it a unique publication on the market.

The Guide was originally written under the leadership of Olivier Buscheman, Maude Bologne and Grégory Marchal in 2018; it has been a precious help for taxpayers and professionals struggling to prepare and electronically file corporate income tax, municipal business tax, and net worth tax returns. Previously 400+ pages, it now has more than 600 pages that provide a detailed explanation of how to approach, understand, prepare, and file a corporate tax return in Luxembourg.

For ease of use, the Guide is structured in the same way as the electronic form established by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities for corporate tax returns. It includes practical examples and screenshots that walk you through the applicable tax legislation and regulations in Luxembourg, illustrating the best approach to each section. The Guide briefly highlights submission deadlines and explains when to pay corporate taxes and tax advances in Luxembourg. It also outlines the potential penalties that would apply for faulty or failure to submit tax returns.

Corporate tax returns shouldn’t have to be complicated. Let this tax reference guide help you navigate unchartered territories.

Published by Larcier, you can purchase on Larcier’s website.

The book can be purchased on Larcier's website

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