Luxembourg Individual Tax Guide 2022


Luxembourg Individual Tax Guide 2022

Discover the main Luxembourg taxes rates and details in this guide.

The 2021 budget law introduced several changes to the individual income tax rules aimed at increasing tax fairness while keeping the country competitive to attract and retain key talents.

Changes are affecting the following areas:

Pan-European individual pension plan

Home savings

Inflation adjustement coefficient (long-term capital gains)

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2022 key incentives:

  • Inpatriation premium
  • Participative premium


2022 changes to expect:

  • Imputed income for personal use of company car

Do not miss out on any of the introduced changes of the 2022 budget law as well as on any important deadlines.

The newly updated and completely remastered version of our annual personal tax guide includes all relevant information on the recent changes and covers main details about the following taxes in an easily comprehensible, visual and succinct summary:

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