Tax Reclaim, an innovative differentiator for your institution


Tax Reclaim, an innovative differentiator for your institution

Executive Summary

Luxembourg private bankers will have to differentiate and be innovative to maintain their attractiveness vis-à-vis clients that are—now more than ever—looking for advice to optimize their investments. In this context, efficient tax management of their clients’ investments is a true value-added service that private bankers need to consider. Let’s step back for a minute to understand the recent changes that have impacted the Luxembourg environment before investigating one of these new value proposition services: Tax Relief & Reclaim assistance.

Moving toward a fiscally transparent environment

Since 2009, several initiatives both at the European as well as on the international level have impacted–and will continue to do so–the scope of banking secrecy, so that Luxembourg is now acting in a transparent fiscal environment full of challenges and opportunities.

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Inside magazine issue 9, June 2015

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