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World Tax Advisor is a bulletin of international tax developments written by professionals of the member firms of Deloitte. The newsletter focuses on analyses of cross-border tax developments that reflect the dynamic business environment faced by multinationals. The last issue of each month includes an update of recent tax treaty developments.

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World Tax Advisor: 12 December 2014

Featured Articles
- Russia enacts law introducing fundamental changes to taxation of foreign entities

Brazil: Income tax rate threshold for tax haven classification lowered

Brazil: New tax treatment of vessel charter payments in the oil and gas industry

Brazil: New regulations issued on transition tax regime, new CFC rules

Germany: Anti-hybrid and anti-double-dip rules unlikely to be implemented

Ireland: SARP and FED regimes enhanced

Mexico: Requirement to submit electronic accounting records modified

New Zealand: Tax policy briefing released

Thailand: New investment promotion strategy announced

Ukraine: Currency control restrictions extended

United States: One-year extenders package pendin

In brief: News in brief from Albania, the EU, Guatemala, Indonesia and Portugal.

BEPS corner: Updates on developments in the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting initiative, including developments from Germany, New Zealand and the UK.

Tax treaty round up: Tax treaty developments in Austria and the US.

Global Tax Alerts

- Norway: Advisory panel proposes tax reform

- Spain: Corporate tax reform enacted

- United Kingdom: 2014 Autumn Statement contains BEPS measures

- United Kingdom: Draft legislation on diverted profits tax released

12 December 2014


24 February 2017
India proposes restriction on deductibility of interest

10 February 2017
Measures in India’s budget 2017 affect nonresidents

27 January 2017
Colombia enacts extensive tax reform

13 January 2017
Practical aspects of tax registration by digital services providers under Russia’s new VAT rules

16 December 2016
UK releases draft legislation on rules restricting deductibility of corporate interest expense

25 November 2016
Papua New Guinea taxation of resources/non-resources sectors harmonized, CbC reporting introduced

11 November 2016
Cyprus amends IP regime to introduce OECD nexus approach

28 October 2016
France’s abolition of surtax exemption on tax-consolidated group distributions will not apply retroactively

14 October 2016
European Commission state aid investigation of Gibraltar tax rulings extended

23 September 2016
Egypt introduces new VAT law

9 September 2016
Belgian government plans replacement for patent income deduction

19 August 2016
Georgia to move to distributed profit tax system

22 July 2016
Direct and indirect tax implications of Brexit

24 June 2016
EU CbC reporting directive in effect

10 June 2016
UK launches consultation on tax deductibility of corporate interest expense

27 May 2016
India plugs capital gains exemption loophole under tax treaty with Mauritius

13 May 2016
Australia's tax authorities target cross-border profit-shifting arrangements

22 April 2016
Modernized EU customs rules to enter into effect

8 April 2016
Canada’s 2016-17 federal budget affects back-to-back arrangements

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