Deloitte’s alternative investment fund (AIF) tax reporting solution


Deloitte’s alternative investment fund (AIF) tax reporting solution


Deloitte’s alternative investment fund (AIF) tax reporting solution

Fast and easy investor tax reporting for alternative investments, including private equity and real estate funds

Your challenge

To successfully market your fund around the world and to reach new investors, investor tax reporting is a “must-have” for AIFs.

In addition to the fund’s tax reporting requirements in each investor jurisdiction, investors may require specific information to comply with the tax regulations in their resident countries. And, tax reporting is requested even more frequently when the fund is distributed to credit institutions, insurance companies, or pension funds.

Providing increasingly comprehensive and complex tax reporting is one of the biggest challenges you will face in the years to come, and it bears many risks and problems that you should ideally address early if you want to stay successful on the global stage:

  • Different requirements across Europe—the lack of a standardized approach means you must provide different tax reports in all the jurisdictions where you are distributing your fund.
  • A constantly evolving regulatory landscape. How can you monitor and implement all these changes to ensure compliance?
  • The manual gathering, storing and processing of the data is burdensome, but internal automation is expensive, time-consuming and unprofitable.
  • Liaising with different tax advisors becomes increasingly time-consuming and resource-intensive due to the lack of synergies.

Deloitte's solution

Being all too familiar with these challenges, Deloitte has developed an end-to-end AIF tax reporting solution that provides all the crucial features you need to thrive in this increasingly complex environment.


  • Luxembourg is the most important investment fund market in Europe. Our local firm reflects this, with extensive expertise across all departments and accommodates Deloitte's globally recognized Center of Excellence in AIFs.
  • Deloitte Luxembourg has developed a well-established tax reporting service for UCITS. We have combined this technical knowledge gained over the last decade with our extensive AIF tax technical/industry knowledge to develop a cutting-edge service that is unique to the market.


  • Technology: cutting edge with specifically developed components for all stages of the process, from data gathering (character recognition), to data processing (automated calculation) to reporting (population of forms), ensuring a smooth, risk and hassle-free process.
  • Audit: complete audit trails allow you to provide full disclosure to the fund administrator, investors or tax authorities as required.
  • Secure: our infrastructure is located in Luxembourg and provides a completely secure environment for all data (both financial and personal information).
  • Quality: continuous testing and detailed audit trails ensure the highest standard of quality of the information provided.
  • User Friendly: A dedicated interface allows fund administrators to access the solution and upload and download information. Our dedicated investor space allows information to be shared securely without sending information by email. Access is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Value Add: additional performance information of the investment can be added to the investor space.


  • Deloitte Luxembourg has been recognized as a center of excellence in the AIF industry, able to perform all the required services from A to Z. Drawing upon this deep knowledge, Deloitte Luxembourg has developed a tailored AIF tax reporting solution to address any challenges.
  • We have an international network with extensive knowledge of local tax reporting requirements for all jurisdictions at our fingertips.


The best result is through collaboration:

You are a key part of the process. We can tailor our solution to adapt to the specific situation of your fund or investments. As changing other people’s behavior is difficult, we make adapting our approach easy. We ensure a flexible and customized approach if needed.


Our solution is customized for the specific tax reporting obligations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our value proposition

  • Helps you implement a swift tax declaration process by producing high volumes of tax reports in due time.
  • Adapts to the size of your business due to its scalable, efficient and pragmatic approach, resulting in a smooth ongoing process.
  • Ensures quality consistency through its standardized processes.
  • Ensures governance and compliance for our clients—proven and “certified” by local tax experts.
  • Helps you avoid penalties with its fast and digital delivery process.
  • Is easily adaptable to new regulations and changes in tax laws.
  • Reduces your onboarding costs by already orchestrating data from most fund administrators.
  • Uses DBoard as a dashboard for you, your investors and fund administrators.

End-to-end solution


Christian Bednarczyk

Christian Bednarczyk

Partner | International Tax

Christian has over sixteen years of international tax experience in the alternative investment industry. He provided tax advice to major multinational companies in different industries and alternative... More

Jonathan Streicher

Jonathan Streicher

Director | Cross-Border Tax | M&A

Jonathan is a tax expert in our Cross-Border tax practice with a focus set on the asset management and alternative investment fund industry. He joined Deloitte Luxembourg in March 2020 as Director in ... More

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