Business Process Solutions - Tax compliance


Business Process Solutions - Tax compliance

Our tax compliance methodology provides businesses with an efficient way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting deadlines. Extensive regional reach supported by local depth of knowledge and experience in tax compliance provides businesses the transparency and flexibility to address a full range of local and regional tax needs.

Our services include:

·  Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

·  Regional or other tax

·  Local or municipal tax

·  Other jurisdictional taxes and reports

·  Value added tax (VAT)

·  Withholding tax

·  Tax filing

·  Tax provision

·  Tax reporting

·  Information request support

·  Property tax


Raymond Krawczykowski

Raymond Krawczykowski

Partner | Mergers & Acquisitions

Raymond is a Tax Partner focusing on Merger and Acquisition transaction as well as Alternative Investment Funds. He has over 20 years of tax experience. He advises clients on a wide variety of interna... More

Christian Deglas

Christian Deglas

Partner | Indirect Tax - VAT

Christian is the leader of the Indirect Tax department in Luxembourg. He has over 20 years of experience in international Value Added Tax (VAT). Christian is focused on indirect tax issues across vari... More