Customised training offer


Customised training offer

To address markets’ needs for up to date information and trainings, we have developed a customised training offer aimed at providing clients with dedicated trainings for selected topics covering accounting, tax and legal implications, as needed, together with tailored case studies.

Your challenge

Learning is a continuous process along ones’ professional life. It is crucial not only to maintain the capacity of your teams to manage some specific tasks, but also to improve their efficiency and ability to quickly adapt to new issues raised in changing environments.

In these days of economic slowdown and of constantly changing business conditions, it is not only becoming increasingly important to keep up to date, but also a great opportunity to refresh and expand your knowledge and best prepare your teams for the future. 


Our solution

We offer customised trainings tailored to consider our Client’s specific needs in terms of content, timing, number of participants and participants’ profile.

Our trainings are delivered by highly skilled professionals selected for their expertise in the content and past experience in delivering trainings. They can deliver learning on all of our fields of expertise including accounting, legal and direct/indirect tax aspects as needed. 



Jean-Philippe Foury

Jean-Philippe Foury

Partner | SME Leader

Jean-Philippe is a partner within our tax department and has an extensive experience in accounting expertise and the auditing of commercial and financial industries. He leads the accounting services s... More

Karine Thil

Karine Thil

Partner | Corporate & Accounting

Karine is a partner within the Tax Accounting department leading our compliance and advisory accounting services for the Real Estate industry. She has more than 27 years of experience within Deloitte,... More