IPO Tax structuring advice


IPO tax structuring advice

Your challenge

When thinking about a Group’s IPO – Initial Public Offering, what are the main issues that you think about from a tax perspective?

A proper and efficient IPO structure from a tax perspective, needs to be thought about from inception to divestment, and should focus on some main items.

Such items go from efficient Group reorganisation before IPO, to reputation of the jurisdiction in which the IPO’s company is resident.

Investor tax impact upon IPO as well as impact of Controlled Foreign Company legislation and applicable Withholding taxes on actual dividend distribution, are also key features to guarantee a successful “go to market” decision. 

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Our services

Deloitte Luxembourg provides a wide variety of services to assist, from inception, the correct handling of an IPO procedure.

Be it from choice of IPO jurisdiction, to most efficient group restructuring to adopt pre-IPO and investors concerns after going Public, Deloitte Luxembourg offers you a team of experts able to assist you on all areas of an IPO transaction.

So, you can «go public» with the knowledge that Deloitte Luxembourg may be able to partner with you on all these procedures. 

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