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Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace thus bringing along new opportunities.

Our tax professionals can help you anticipate change, unlock the full potential of your people, extract strategic insights from your data, and create new value for your organization through digital technologies.

Are you prepared for the future of tax?

The tax profession is being confronted with a number of significant changes—all occurring at the same time. It is no surprise that the mass proliferation of data, global regulatory changes, shifting business models, increasing health and environmental challenges, and the availability of new technology solutions are causing enormous amounts of uncertainty.

Here are just a few remarks we hear regularly from our clients. Do these challenges sound familiar to you as well?


  • Do you have data trapped in multiple places such as Excel spreadsheets or ERP systems?
  • Are you confident in the insights you’re currently able to get?
  • Are your systems designed to capture and account for all of the data that you need for analysis and decision-making?


  • Are you facing new requirements for process and transaction-level data transparency?
  • Have you been surprised recently by a regulation or risk you didn’t see coming?
  • Are you challenged by the pace of regulatory change and tax reform in your jurisdictions?

Operating model

  • Is your department behind others in adopting new processes and operating models?
  • Is there data from other business areas that you’d like to tap in real time, but can’t?
  • Would you like to amplify the value your department brings to business operations?

Our Digital Transformation Program

There is more to tax digitalization than meets the eye.
There is of course the technological component itself, but a successful digital transformation program needs to include a full range of other aspects such as the skillset of the workforce, corporate culture, operating models, and work processes.

The digital transformation program developed by Deloitte’s Tax Digital Factory follows a client-centric approach that focuses on understanding the specificities and digital maturity of your workforce and organization in order to co-design and consequently co-implement with you the most appropriate digital transformation strategy.


Initial meeting to better understand the structure of your company, your current level of digital maturity, and the main pain points that your organization is currently facing.

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Evolutionary change with revolutionary impact

By using machines, professionals can amplify their own abilities and insights exponentially—and by doing so, they become more integral and valuable to their companies than ever before.

Technology introduces fundamental changes to the way tax systems around the world work, the way in-house finance and tax teams operate and manage compliance, and the way tax services are provided so that they are more effective and more efficient, and it is easier for taxpayers to get their tax right, and for tax authorities to perform audits. Digitalization provides a unique opportunity for taxpayers and tax authorities to solve complex business and compliance problems, to find new ways to transform manual work into automated processes, and to ingrain analytics into daily decision-making.

Dany Teillant, Digital Transformation Leader

The successful digitalization of the tax department depends upon: a purpose for the reinterpretation of the interaction between humans & technology; a sense of the potential for the reinvention of our services with a stronger client-centric approach to capture our clients’ needs; a clear perspective to embrace uncertainty boldly, spot opportunities and address challenges, while fostering an innovative mindset in the tax department and capitalizing on the digital solutions generated internally.

Thierry Bovier, Tax Innovation Leader

The aim of the Digital Factory is to build digital assets and to provide clients with digitalization solutions. With our team composed of a balanced mix of tax professionals and technology experts, we work with you to understand your needs and to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Fateh Amroune – Digital Factory Architect & Coordinator

Our team

Dany Teillant

Partner - Private Equity Tax Leader

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Thierry Bovier

Partner - International Tax

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Fateh Amroune

Director - Tax

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