VAT Comfort


VAT Comfort

Ticking the box

With continuously changing VAT rules, it is becoming more and more difficult to determine if a company is a VAT taxpayer, if it needs to VAT register, if it should file VAT returns, etc.

Besides the internal reputation and financial risks (penalties, uncharged VAT that becomes due, etc.) we see increasingly commercial relationships get troubled because of non compliance with VAT. Indeed, not complying with VAT can also put your supplier or client at risk.

Although VAT may not be a primary driver for taking business decisions yet, it is definitely and rapidly putting itself on the decision map. 

What is Deloitte's 'VAT Comfort' service?

The concept is easy and simple: our VAT specialists come to your office for a free of charge quarterly meeting (that should not take more than 30 minutes of your valuable time) to discuss with you whether or not your entities (still) comply with their VAT registration and filing obligations.

During each meeting, we update you with an overview of your entities with some basic info on their activity, VAT status, VAT obligations and who is in charge, to give you optimised VAT Comfort.

We have developed the VAT Comfort concept over the past years and we have successfully implemented it for a number of clients. Whether your group is composed of 5, 10 or 100 entities, VAT Comfort is your solution to ensure that your VAT issues are taken care of.

This service offers you:

  • A regular reminder to ensure that VAT has been looked into for all your entities
  • A free of charge quarterly meeting reviewing if your entities comply with their VAT registration and filing obligations
  • The possibility to spot and discuss VAT opportunities/weaknesses
  • A quarterly updated overview of the VAT status of your entities
  • And most of all… the comfort that your entities are VAT compliant 


Christian Deglas

Christian Deglas

Partner | Indirect Tax - VAT

Christian has over 20 years of experience in international Value Added Tax (VAT). Christian is focused on indirect tax issues across various industries, including retail, telecommunications, entertain... More