Digital media trends survey, 14th edition


Digital media trends survey, 14th edition

COVID-19 accelerates subscriptions and cancellations as consumers search for value

Before and since COVID-19 hit, consumers loaded up on paid media subscriptions and sampled free services. As costs, competition, and subscription fatigue grow, their choices today could shape the industry for the next decade.

Executive summary

FOR the 14th edition of Deloitte’s Digital media trends survey, we launched our initial survey at the end of 2019. As data came in, we saw a big trend in media and entertainment (M&E): Consumers were adding, sampling, and cancelling services in search of the best value for their time and money. They subscribed to an average of 12 media and entertainment services, while also seeking more free and subsidized entertainment, such as ad-supported streaming video. With so many entertainment options, competition to attract and retain customers was fierce.

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