Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2018 - Luxembourg


Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2018 - Luxembourg

Consumer and business mobile usage patterns

The smartphone has become intertwined into our daily lives. Their capabilities and utilities are becoming ever greater and usage continues to evolve, and should continue to do so for years to come.

The eighth edition of Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey: The Luxembourg Cut explores some of the key themes around smartphone adoption, mobile banking or also next steps and trends.

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Smartphone adoption

  • Luxembourg is one of the countries with the highest penetration rate for smartphones in Europe, with 94% of people owning a smartphone.


  • The majority of people living in Luxembourg try to limit the use of their smartphones or at least would be willing to do so. The major mobile software providers are reacting to this increasing awareness with features monitoring smartphone use.

Mobile banking

  • The three pillars of choice for a digital bank in Luxembourg
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Security of the offer

47% of surveyed consumers value the security of the offer among the most important criteria when choosing a digital bank provider
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Basic banking offer

38% of surveyed consumers value the basic banking offer among the most important criteria when choosing a digital bank provider
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User experience & brand

34% of surveyed consumers value user experience and ease of use among the most important criteria when choosing a digital bank provider


  • The smartphone is now the preferred device to check bank balances in Luxembourg, after years of computers and laptops dominating




  • The ability to perform payments through the smartphone should be a key function for the digital offer of any bank

gmcs-product.jpg (100×100)
Purchase a product online

Purchase a service online

Pay for public transports


gmcs-taxi.jpg (110×110)
Pay for a taxi

Pay for a product or service in-store

Pay for car parking

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Next steps and trends

Alternative screen-unlocking methods

15% of surveyed people, vis-à-vis only 1% in 2017, are using facial recognition to unlock their phones and 60% are using fingerprint recognition

Immediate switch to 5G

26% of the surveyed consumers would be willing to switch to the 5G the moment that it is available

About the research

Deloitte’s eighth annual edition of the Global Mobile Consumer Survey provides unique insight into the mobile behaviour of nearly 54,150 respondents across 35 countries, with the sample for Luxembourg covering 1004 respondents aged 18-75.

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