Social media in the decade ahead


The case for social media in the decade ahead

For an industry in which legal and compliance regulations can complicate even the simplest of public-facing communications, is a responsive social media presence even possible? And is it worth the effort? Franklin Templeton Investments says the answers to both questions are ‘yes’.

Executive summary

  • It’s clear there’s a global appetite for investing insights within the social media space. Legal and compliance issues are complicated, but they’re also solvable. There are risks; we believe the potential rewards outweigh them
  • A mix of individual level and corporate level social media activity will likely yield a more comprehensive mix of results with real business impact
  • Written policies and procedures supported by technology are the administrative backbone of an effective social media program
  • A global program should be able to take advantage of central resources and learning, but each market will require local accommodations 
  • Success is measured first in adoption, then in the awareness, engagement, action and advocacy metrics that indicate progress towards pre-determined business goals

Performance issue 13 – January 2014

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Performance issue 13
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