Deloitte’s media specialists can help businesses adapt to new challenges and evaluate new business opportunities, even as business cycles come and go.

Content is king, and today media and entertainment companies are finding content creation, aggregation, and distribution—their fundamental ecosystem—ever-evolving and morphing as new technologies come into play that disrupt traditional business models. From interactive gaming, films, music, broadcast radio, television, and print and e-publishing to live entertainment, websites, web TV, advertising, and sports, Media firms live or die based on how well they identify and manage trends.

Deloitte sees five major trends that are redefining media consumption. Digitisation, wireless enablement, cloud computing, social media, and device proliferation are changing the media environment, often shifting the balance of power toward consumers, who now have the tools to manage and consume a nearly limitless volume of content. These technologies pose both challenges to overcome and exciting new business opportunities for Media firms. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Formulating effective strategies to innovate around content choice and grow digital advertising
  • Helping M&E firms expand into cloud-based business models to enable them to efficiently manage digital content and deliver a high-quality experience across all stages of digital media consumption
  • Assessing and implementing social media strategies, aggregating consumer data, and evaluating emerging technologies and distribution channels, while adopting rigorous privacy and data protection
  • Assisting companies throughout the digital value chain address changes in the business environment in areas such as mergers and acquisitions and post-merger integration; cross-border tax planning; integration, divestiture, and restructuring; contract risk and compliance, business valuation; and international tax/transfer pricing
  • Working with companies expanding into digital business models around supply chain management; marketing effectiveness and customer analytics; pricing strategy; cost reduction; intellectual asset management; risk of cyber threat, identity, and access management; and risk management.

In order to cover all the issues faced by our clients, our range of services is structured around various centres of expertise:


David Osville

David Osville

Partner | TMT Leader

David, a Luxembourg “réviseur d’entreprises”, joined Deloitte in 2004 and has experience serving private equity and telecom clients in Luxembourg and Sydney. He will contribute his extensive industry ... More