Technology industry

Deloitte’s Technology specialists can help technology companies take advantage of the ever-changing technology sector through a broad array of services designed to meet companies wherever they are, across the value chain and around the globe.

In the world of technology, reacting to change means you’re behind the competition. You have to create change to be in the lead. Cloud computing, mobility, data analytics and social media continue to drive change across all industries, opening the door for innovation in vertical markets and creating new revenue opportunities serving small and mid-sized businesses.

At the same time, these developments heighten the need for cyber security and resilience measures in enterprises of all sizes and across sectors. Within the tech sector itself, established companies and newer companies will look to mergers, acquisitions and other partnerships as a means of entering new markets and providing integrated solutions. 

Our services include helping firms:

  • Assess the business, accounting, technology, security and privacy, legal, internal audit and tax implications of becoming a cloud provider or user
  • Identify opportunities to create new business models leveraging mobility and broadening mobility portfolios through strategic acquisitions and partnerships
  • Address mobile-device and application-related security and privacy concerns and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of deploying social media tools to improve internal collaboration and customer reach while driving business performance
  • Deploy business analytics methodologies, tools and technology to improve sales, marketing and operating efficiencies
  • Implement enterprise-wide regulatory compliance and international tax activities across multiple geographies
  • Identify portfolio gaps, evaluate strategic M&A and partnership opportunities, and facilitate seamless integration
  • Develop effective product and channel strategies to penetrate the SMB market
  • Navigate the IPO market to transition to a public company

In order to cover all the issues faced by our clients, our range of services is structured around various centres of expertise:


Georges Kioes

Georges Kioes

Partner - Non-FSI & Family Business Leader

Georges is a partner in the audit department and brings broad experience in coordinating large audits of financial services and non-financial services clients. He is the family business as well as the... More