Blockchain meets reinsurance


Blockchain meets reinsurance

A contract management system solution

Global financial companies continue to explore the new opportunities blockchain technology could offer, while continuing to evaluate the possible paradigm shift that it can trigger on their business. After an era of proofs-of-concept, the technology is now moving to the stage of live production and wide adoption.

Executive Summary

Blockchain is one of the most promising innovations for financial services companies. According to the World Economic Forum,1 financial services will be transformed by blockchain technology, with the expectation that at least 10 percent of the global GDP will be processed by blockchain platforms by 2025.

Over the last few years, the hype around blockchain has been growing. From its emergence as a technical experiment, blockchain now reaches toward wider adoption, ready to brandish its full potential. More than US$2 billion has been invested by venture capital companies and the number of blockchain technology-related startups are on the rise, with the more established companies starting to mobilize resources in an attempt to identify the full impact of blockchain on their business models. Some use cases are already live and many are awaiting their move into production.

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Inside Magazine EMEA Technology, November 2017

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