The 2016-2017 Global CIO survey


The 2016-2017 Global CIO survey

Navigating legacy

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Deloitte CIO Survey Report. This year the global survey takes us a step forward in gaining a deep understanding of how CIOs create legacy – the value and impact technology leaders deliver to their organizations. Through in-debt interviews and online surveys, we collected the opinions and insights of more than 1200 CIOs across 23 industry 48 countries.

This year, we added three dimensions to our 2015 analysis:

  • First, we looked into whether personality and working style impact CIO legacy. We examined the influence of inherent personality traits on CIO legacy, looking at 20 traits and working-style attributes to determine whether they were a differentiator in delivering value.
  • Second, we investigated how IT capabilities and talent impact CIO legacy, and identified the critical leadership competencies required to build a lasting legacy. We explored whether CIOs are meeting business expectations by comparing IT capabilities and investments with business priorities.
  • Finally, we took a deeper look at the three legacy patterns we discovered last year. Using cluster analysis to segment the respondent population into three patterns, we explored the navigation between pattern types based on business need and specific triggers for change. Trusted operators, who ensure operational excellence, accounted for 55 percent of this year’s respondents; change instigators, who enable large business transformations, were at 11 percent; and business co-creators, who focus on delivering to business strategy, were 34 percent of those surveyed. Our analysis will allow CIOs to assess their current pattern and help them determine how to move among patterns as their business needs change today and in the future.

Within this report, you will find a summary of key insights, numerous infographics as well as quality commentaries and observations to help you tackle some of the key challenges cited above.

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The 2015 Luxembourg CIO survey

Welcome to the 2015 Deloitte CIO Survey Report. In our third year of conducting the survey for CIOs and equivalent IT leaders, we are delighted to announce that we gather 1271 participants to the survey across 43 countries within the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

This year, the Deloitte’s CIO Program examined more particularly the CIO job descriptions to determine the role of a CIO. As familiar dimensions like industry, geography and company size do not fully explain the CIO role, we turned instead to four dimensions we have used in more than 1000 executive transition labs: Business Priorities, Leadership and Talent, Relationships and Investment priorities.

PDF - 16mb

The 2015 Luxembourg CIO survey podcast

Patrick Laurent and Steve Hauman, Partner and Director in Advisory and Consulting at Deloitte Luxembourg, present the key findings of the Luxembourg CIO survey 2015.

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