Collaboration generation


Collaboration generation

The disruptive shifts revolutionizing our economy

Executive Summary

The collaborative economy: key definitions and contextualization

Thom Feeney was tired of watching politicians “dithering” as the Greek crisis unfolded. Rather than wait it out as high-level talks in Brussels and Athens determined the future of Greece and the eurozone, the British businessman took to the internet and launched a massive crowd funding campaign—“the Greek Bailout Fund” to raise the €1.6 billion euros needed by Athens to meet its IMF repayment. His Indiegogo campaign was ultimately unsuccessful. Having raised an impressive but far-below-target sum of just under €2 million in only eight days, Thom refunded all contributors—but remained undeterred. Instead, he launched a new campaign, “Greek Crowdfund,” in collaboration with the not-for-profit organization “Desmos,” which is urging people to make contributions that will go directly to charitable initiatives targeting youth unemployment across Greece, irrespective of the final amount collected. In its first six hours, the campaign had raised over €20,000. After three days, more than €90,000 had flooded in.

Inside magazine Special Edition - Public Sector, December 2015

This special edition includes a variety of topics related to development such as social progress, healthcare and education, and describes issues related to resource efficiency from a demographic and societal perspective.

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