Integrate Customer Experience into a real Business Case


How to integrate Customer Experience into a real Business Case

In today’s increasingly customer-centric world, there is growing value in delivering best-in-class customer experience. However, organizations struggle to improve customer experience in a systematic, measurable way because of the difficulty of assessing the value created and captured from investments related to customer experience. Defining and measuring customer experience value is a game-changing new approach that enables organizations to systematically translate customer value insight into customer experience change directly linked to a business case.

Executive Summary

Not long ago, if you had asked a group of executives what was their organizations’ key differentiator, you would have received an array of responses: low prices, free returns, fast shipping, bundled services, ease of use…the list goes on. Today, if you ask that same question, you will likely receive a very different and nearly unanimous response: superior customer experience (CX). Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than 50 percent of organizations will have implemented significant business model changes in their efforts to improve customer experience.
This is a significant shift in the market, where much of the power has changed hands from the organization to customers and their ever-increasing demands. Today’s customers have come to expect a superior and holistic experience across all sectors, requiring organizations to continuously innovate, disrupt the market, and become more responsive. Executives are therefore challenging their organizations to transform customer interactions into dynamic, beautiful personalized experiences, but they are still struggling to improve CX in a systematic and measurable way that would compare investments and benefits.

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