The Deloitte CIO Survey 2013


The Deloitte CIO Survey 2013

Reconnect. Rebuild. Reimagine. Redeliver.

Welcome to the Deloitte CIO Survey findings for 2013. This year we present a truly international outlook, reporting on the responses of over 700 Chief Information Officers and other IT leaders from 36 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia.

Executive summary

The results of our survey suggest that the worst of IT budget cuts are behind us, with less than a quarter of CIOs reporting a budget decrease this year. While this is welcome, it is clear that CIOs are operating in an extremely challenging environment – one characterised by ever-increasing business expectations, rapid increases in the pace of business and technological change, shrinking technology adoption lifecycles and a shortage of available talent.

The role of the CIO as a trusted partner to the business, in what for many parts of the world remain difficult economic times, has never been more important or challenging.

How are CIOs responding to this challenge? Firstly, they are developing and maturing their business partnering function. The results provide overwhelming evidence that CIOs feel there is more to be done to establish themselves as highly effective business partners. Building a dedicated business partnering function is one of the most powerful tools at the CIO’s disposal as they seek to change the nature of their relationship with the business.

Secondly, they are seeking to drive the innovation agenda. The majority of CIOs recognise that IT has an essential role to play in this space yet only 35% believe their IT function is considered a credible hub of innovation within their business. The survey points to a number of areas where the IT function could consider providing additional focus in order to deliver more in innovation terms to help support business growth and competitiveness.

Finally, CIOs are addressing their talent shortage. Our results tell us that recruitment and retention of talent, with the right skills to support new business demands, is a significant issue for CIOs. 

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