Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Omni channel service distribution


Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Cloud

How can my IT environment adapt to changing business requirements?

Key facts and trends

Technologies evolutions have revolutionized the way we work. Nowadays, your activities and your productivity largely depend on your IT environment: Easy and constant access to your software, data and all your digital tools, optimal security, collaboration tools for your employee, etc. Furthermore, your capacity to respond to market evolution depends on the flexibility of the environment: You need to adapt it to your activities to maintain your competitivity.

Cloud solutions and technologies are becoming mature service offerings and widely used throughout the world and in any industry. These services offer a new level of technology agility and speed of implementation of new services to fit your business activities.

How Deloitte Digital can help

Deloitte Digital helps you in the development of a cloud vision and business model which fit to your needs. The analysis of vendors’ landscape, the process of their evolution and final partner selection, are critical milestones for your services. Deloitte can assist you, due to our expertise and deep knowledge, we work together to assist you choose wisely.
We furthermore assist you in the assessment of risk, security and mitigation planning, as well as the definition of a customer adapted and efficient cloud roadmap development.

Following the IT environment and market we define together a strong cloud readiness and operational model, and Deloitte provides you a workload and organisational changes analysis.

Expected results

Deloitte Digital enables you to reduce the overall cost of technology services, after having have analysed your company’s IT infrastructure and worked with you to get the right strategy, resulting of a strong operational model.

Cloud services offer a number of business benefits that directly address the pain points discussed earlier. By automating the delivery of IT services and delivering fast, agile service lifecycle management, IT moves in sync with other functional departments and helps the organisation to take full advantage of emerging marketplace opportunities. Cloud services enable IT to act as a strategic partner with the business units, empowering them to succeed while maintaining the level of control needed to ensure security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Our added value

We have extensive experience in all countries around the world and can offer a holistic global approach in order to provide you technology services fully aligned with your business requirements.

Our breadth and depth of industry and market knowledge allow us to better understand your activities, your business and so your needs in order to advice you flexible and elastic technology better suited for rapid business changes.
Our expertise provides you fast provisioning following on-demand principles: we can assist your IT organisation building the right cloud strategy weather it is private, public, hybrid or community cloud as the target. We can evaluate your requirements, assess your readiness, build the business cases, build cloud roadmap(s), as well as assist you with vendor evaluation.

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