Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Cyber security


Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Cyber security

How can I address my customers' new digital needs without being held back by security threats?

Key facts and trends

In a fast-evolving digital world and an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to continuously rethink your business to address new digital needs of your customers and to stay on top of disruptive competitors. While developing Digital strategy, online collaboration with business partners, customers, suppliers, and outworkers, you have to carefully consider new threats and risks posed by the digital transformation and its related technologies.

Without a secure digital environment, you are exposed to security threats which risk to weaken your company. Cyber security is too often approached through tactical and short-term solutions (e.g. tools and technologies), without sufficient consideration for developing a comprehensive and organization-wide strategic vision required to address the main challenges that you can face today, such as lack of security governance and adapted organization, lack or rational for funding or in-house skills and resources, inadequacy of the control framework to the evolving cyber threat landscape (e.g. ransomware), insufficient security incident detection and response capabilities or even multiplication of security tools.

How Deloitte Digital can help

Our Cyber security transformation solution is about a ‘step change’ in the way Cyber security is managed through alignment and improvement of Cyber security practices to achieve operational excellence aligned to the organization’s Digital strategy and risk appetite. This solution considers Cyber security in a holistic manner (i.e. including security strategy, governance, risk management, IT security architecture, operational processes, etc.) and is based on a phased approach.

The first step is about defining a Cyber security target-state vision (i.e. cyber security framework identifying detailed security controls) based on elements such as cyber threats environment, risk appetite, business priorities, regulatory requirements or even security practices adopted by comparable peers. Then, we can measure the current maturity and gaps between desired “Target State” and “Current State” through technical assessments and review of current organization and processes. Finally, we can work with you on a strategic roadmap for improvement where corrective actions are instantiated into detailed and prioritized security projects (including cost benefit-analysis) and adjustment to the organization and operating model.

Expected results

Our solution has already been successfully deployed at several local organizations (ranging in sizes from 150 FTE to more than 2,000 FTE) whose main benefits included:

  • Bringing cyber security under explicit management control
  • Sustainability of the cyber control framework to tackle emerging threats and to support the digital transformation program
  • Effective and quick risk reduction, e.g. the implementation of effective vulnerability management practices aligned with patch management activities, targeted security hardening, improving security awareness, etc.
  • Technology agnosticism providing the opportunity to rationalize and select the best adapted tools.

You could invest in cost-justified security controls to protect your most important assets, while also gaining more insight into threats and responding more effectively to reduce their impact.

Our added value

Deloitte is a recognized leader in Cyber Security field offering end-to-end solutions from strategic vision to tactical execution. We have a large experience in delivering complex Cyber security projetcts for local organizations in multiple industries. A highly qualified team with deep expertise in both governance and technical dimensions are at your disposal to help you.

Deloitte Digital has a complete portfolio of Cyber tools & accelerators while being technology agnostic and our solutions are risk and business driven while leveraging our deep industry and local market practices knowledge.

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