Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Financial Data


Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Financial Data

How can I convert my financial data into insight?

Key facts and trends

Big data is transforming industries. From education to tech, retail, and FSI, advanced analytics methods are helping organizations make intelligent decisions to maximize key goals. For financial firms that face challenges of increased governance, risk, strict compliance guidelines, and worldwide economic instability, the need for data-driven decisions is even more crucial.

How Deloitte Digital can help

Deloitte is able to support its clients' in many ways. For example, on budgeting / forecasting processes, Deloitte brings expertise in the following activities:

  • Periodic review (e.g. monthly) of the balance margin performed at client / product / portfolio level incorporating output form high level strategic planning
  • Capturing external market data and intelligence in order to consider the main market trends leveraging also on information from marketing and CRM departments
  • Identification of the main initiatives to be included in the investment portfolio on the basis of the activities in which is considered more valuable to invest resources
  • Macro-economic and industry scenario definition with the support of the Research department
  • Pricing modeling and behavioral assumptions scenario related
  • Statistical model (e.g. historical series, rolling series, etc.) for interest and risk estimation run at segment/ portfolio level Reporting activities

Expected results

By applying advanced analytics to capture and understand data, companies in the banking and securities, insurance, and investment sectors successfully built stronger, more robust business models. In doing so, they also made more proactive decisions that delivered customer value. In addition, the use of Big data allows improvements and efficiency gain in back-office financial activities such as cash forecasting, profitability management, detection of financial risks, company performance risk management enabled growth in profits.

Our added value

Deloitte is able to bring mixed competencies in order to bring end-to-end support. We leverage on our business knowledge, our technical expertise, our experience, and our network in order to deliver high quality and added value in order to help our clients get the best insights of their data.

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