Digitized trust and collaboration in the EU


Digitized trust and collaboration in the EU

Driven by disruption

Executive Summary

Dubbed as drivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by many,1 digital technologies lead to transformation in traditional business models, to the way different actors interact with each other, and to new roles for consumers and businesses alike. Digital technologies are indeed creating a revolution, disrupting the market in every dimension, and opening doors full of opportunities. A proactive approach can turn disruption into an opportunity if one is open to the digital change, rather than trying to react against it.2

1 https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/fourth-industrial-revolution
2 https://dupress.deloitte.com/dup-us-en/focus/disruptive-strategy-patterns-case-studies/approaching-disruption-for-growth-performance.

Inside Magazine - EU edition 2017

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