EduChain - Validating your Educational Identity


EduChain - Validating your Educational Identity

Executive Summary

Blockchain is fast becoming more than just a buzzword. As organizations continue to educate themselves on the technology and its capabilities, the number of potential use cases where blockchain can play a real and disruptive role is rising. With bitcoin cryptocurrency as the first use case, the main focus has been on the financial services industry; particularly around payment, capital markets, lending, and regulatory reporting. However, there has been a recent shift to looking beyond these use cases and identifying other areas or processes across industries where blockchain would have an impact. One such area is education qualifications.

Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Center of Excellence based in Dublin has developed a blockchain solution around the collection, validation, secure storage, and sharing of education qualifications. This increases the efficiency of the onboarding process of new employees along with tracking the continuous development of employees across the organization. This platform was originally designed to address a regulatory requirement within the financial sector, and can be leveraged across industries, sectors, and geographies to manage qualification requirements of all potential and existing employees.

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Inside Magazine EMEA Technology, November 2017

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