The fourth industrial revolution is here!


The fourth industrial revolution is here!

Are you ready?

"The concept of digitizing everything is becoming a reality. Automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and other advanced technologies can quickly capture and analyze a wealth of data that gives us previously unimaginable amounts and types of information to work from. Our challenge becomes moving to the next phase—changing how we think, train and work using data—to create value from the findings obtained through advanced technologies.”

Brian Householder, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Vantara

Are the leaders of businesses and government agencies ready to harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 to benefit their clients, their people, their organizations, their communities and society more broadly?

That’s the core question explored in a recent Deloitte Global survey that sought to measure business and government readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution—or “Industry 4.0.”

The survey polled 1,600 C-level executives across 19 countries, coupled with select interviews. What ultimately emerged was a picture of the opportunities and challenges these global leaders saw in creating new value in a changing world—a picture that conveys both hope and ambiguity.

Industry 4.0 signifies the fourth in a series of industrial revolutions, which are characterized by their ability to transform economies, jobs and even society itself through the introduction of new technologies and processes.

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Deloitte helps organizations understand the opportunities and risks presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and apply that insight in pursuit of key objectives. We draw on deep industry experience and extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, analytics and other technologies underpinning Industry 4.0 to help organizations develop and execute innovative approaches to better serve their customers, people, communities and other critical stakeholders.

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