A naturally intelligent approach to investing


A naturally intelligent approach to investing

How AI technologies are improving man-machine communication with natural language processing

People communicate using a variety of somewhat subjective tools—words, tone, facial expressions, posture—while machines communicate with clearly defined labels and quantities. This incompatibility has challenged those aiming to effectively integrate the two realms in order to enhance decision-making processes. Fortunately, a branch of artificial intelligence has recently reached a sufficient level of sophistication to potentially close the gap. 

Executive Summary

The emerging capability in natural language processing and natural language generation (NLP/G) creates an opportunity to enhance the process that is the lifeblood of all active investment managers: the investment decision process. These technologies have many applications across industries and functions, of course, but this article will explore how investment firms are beginning to use NLP/G in idea development, at the investment decision point, and in portfolio report creation.

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Performance magazine issue 35, May 2021

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