Luxembourg as an ICT centre

The ‘Post-ICTInfrastructure Age’: the foundation of Luxembourg’s future?

Business environments have changed dramatically in recent years and governments as well as the private sector have been instrumental in these changes. The basis of competition in the world is changing, investments for starting new business are low and barriers to entering an industry are disappearing.

Executive Summary

Information Technology has become prevalent in all aspects of our lives, and even more so in business. The technical infrastructure in Luxembourg is currently of a very high standard, and there are also other factors making Luxembourg an attractive place to do business. Nevertheless, the world is not standing still! The evolution of technology, especially information and communication technology, is causing waves of change, and what was an advantage yesterday might be a barrier tomorrow. 

So how does Luxembourg measure up when it comes to ICT? Are the current changes going to improve the country and make it an even more attractive place to do business? Will the technical foundation be further strengthened in order to attract new businesses? Two areas driving business and ICT forward in Luxembourg are innovation and the government initiative ‘Digital Lëtzebuerg’. Will they be able to make a difference and ensure that the business and ICT landscape in Luxembourg remains strong and vibrant? We have taken a fresh look and asked for expert opinions. 

Inside magazine issue 6, October 2014

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Inside magazine issue 6
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