The RegTech universe on the rise


The RegTech universe on the rise

Throughout the past decade, regulatory changes and the rapid development of financial technology (FinTech) profoundly changed the landscape of financial services as a whole.

One of these changes is the emergence of what could be a called FinTech’s little brother: RegTech. Put simply, RegTech companies (RegTechs) offer solutions that use technology to solve compliance and regulatory issues.

Executive Summary

The fact is that RegTechs are becoming more numerous every month and each of them promises to offer radically advanced solutions to existing problems or even brand new value propositions. The task now is to find those solutions that offer true added value and will pass the test of time.

To that end, we have been performing an analysis of the RegTech players on the market and mapped the companies we found into a “RegTech Universe.” We consider this to be a continuous exercise, adding companies and information to the universe every day and are excited to share this information with you on an ongoing basis.

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